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Sara was very young when her abilities to make art were noticed.

Between her art and academic teachers, she developed a love of research, experimentation and critical thinking. In an era when girls were not admitted into public school industrial arts programs, Sara managed to be the first girl admitted into architectural drafting and design courses, achieving advanced classes after the 1st quarter which opened the door for all girls.

As a BFA graduate of Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Sara chose studio fine arts as her life’s focus. “To keep the wolfs away” she was employed as a graphic artist for a newspaper and later an ad agency, and then a medical technician.

Finally, in December 1989, she quit to be a full time visual artist and she hasn’t looked back.

Through years of exploration and learning, she invented a new art medium “Polymeric Fusion” which is trademarked through a two yr government process without any challenges. The official certificate hangs in her MILL HOUSE GALLERY in Chaska, MN. It is quite a feat to produce art this innovative considering all the generations of amazing artists throughout history and what they accomplished.

Today, in addition to her art, Sara teaches art through ISD 112 Eastern Carver County for both adults and youth, offer private instruction for advance and gifted students in her studio/gallery, and writes regular art articles and blogs.  She is also the Director of Visual Arts at the Arts consortium of Carver County.

To see more of Sara Lee Hanlon’s work go to www.theartofsaraleehanlon.com.