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Lili was born in Canada, but went to the U of MN for a career in X-Ray Tech – but knew 2 weeks into the program – it wasn’t for her.

Lili became one of the 8 co-owner of Westlake Gallery in Uptown for about 8 years.  Westlake Gallery featured many local known artists of the times as Florence Hill, MaryEllen Horty, Dorothy Hall and others. Due to her successes with the gallery, her brothers convinced her to join them in their Lithography Printing business in California.

6 yrs later she started her own Art Studio, located in Bloomington. The Art Studio was known for “one of a kind” art promotional works.” Lili designed, created, and with her team manufactured these works from her Bloomington studio.  Clients included Lexus, Nissan, Acura, John Deer, GE Capital, 7-up, Tyco, and Burger King just to name a few.  These one 3-dimentional art creations are still hanging in many corporate offices around the world.

After 30 years, Lili decided to retire. But her love of creating beautiful 3-D one-of- a-kind pieces has not left her.  From her home in St. Paul, she continues to create 3-D pieces, and as collector she buys and sells lithographs, monotypes, and serigraphy’s.

Lili’s work is shown exclusively at artbarn52. Come into artbarn52 to see more of her work.