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Kelly Ludeking grew up on a farm in NE Iowa, raising animals and tending the fields. After High School, he journeyed to Minneapolis to attend the Minneapolis College of Art & Design (MCAD) to study Photography, but he found 3-D arts much more compelling. In 1997, he graduated with his BFA in Sculpture and Furniture Design.

Currently Kelly creates with Steel, Aluminum, Bronze, Iron, Glass and various Woods. In his studio in the Schmidt Artist Loft in St. Paul, he works and coordinates his various diverse sculpture projects. In addition to his sculptures, he is a foundry instructor, installer on various engineering related sculptures across the country, he designs and works on large/oversize scale projects for the props and advertising industries, and he designs and creates high end bronze furniture for interior designers.(For example, he has created custom furniture for Holly Hunt, one of the leading Designers in Chicago.)

Kelly’s artworks are in numerous galleries around the country. His work is, or has shown in Times Square, the Rainforest Café’, 27 ft Basketball in the WNBA Hall of Fame – Knoxville TN, a 12’Elephant/life size sculpture “In The Room” is on display at the Bridgeport Art Center in Chicago, to name just a few. He has had a solo art show “Art-I- Facts” at the Bethany College in Mankato

In 2015, a short documentary film was made about Kelly and his creative process. Showcasing the work of independent filmmakers and artists based in Iowa, The Film Lounge  was a new series produced by Iowa Public Television in partnership with the Iowa Arts Council and Produce Iowa, the State Office of Media Production, both divisions of the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs. This film has now been shown at least 19 film festivals around the world in the last 2 years. The film can be viewed on both YouTube and Vimeo as “Ironhead 2015.”

Kelly continues to push the boundary of his metal, glass, and wood medium. He never thinks “it can be done that way”, he just keeps trying until “it works!”

Please visit Kelly’s website at https://krlmetals.wordpress.com/about/