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CeCeile Hartleib is an accomplished representational artist who has been painting professionally for over 25 years. Best known for her plein-air landscapes, she also is in demand as a portrait painter

Originally from Ohio, CeCeile took art classes in high school, college and after.  She moved to the Twin Cities in the late 1980’s specifically to study at an Atelier.  (The Atelier system teaches classical methods of drawing that date back to the 17th century: composition, accuracy of line, shapes, values, working with a limited palette, etc., using live models, drawing from casts and still life set-ups.)

Today, CeCeile teaches plein-air landscape and watercolor classes at The Atelier in Minneapolis. She belongs to several art organizations and has won numerous awards for her work, which is exhibited in galleries and hangs in private and corporate collections in North America, Europe, Russia and Japan.

CeCeile recently completed a portrait of Nikita Khrushchev for his son, Sergei, and was featured in an exhibition in Moscow, Russia celebrating the 120th anniversary of Nikita’s birth.  One of her painting of the Cathedral of St. Paul graces the home of Garrison Keillor and his wife.

“Painting is about seeing, about telling a story, conveying a mood or feeling, or simply expressing my love of nature” says CeCeile.  For her portrait commissions, she enjoys getting to know people while they sit for portraits and is reflected in the final work.

She is happiest when she gets lost her work, spending hours without realizing time has passed.  She loves landscapes, especially beautiful sunsets, gardens and the many moods that nature creates.  CeCeile paints outdoors year-round in Minnesota and also travels to other parts of the country

To see more of CeCeile’s work go to www.ceceile.com